What we have accomplished thus far:

·      Establish Habesha Community of Spokane (HCS)

·      Establish Board Members

·      Prepare and distribute bylaws

·      Prepare internal rules and regulations

·      Register with State of Washington

·      Register as a Non-Profit Organization (501-C3) with IRS

·      Connect with Spokane County and City of Spokane officials

What is on the horizon:

  • Establish a local community gathering place and an official physical address for HCS
  • Establish Idir which is a special entity with in HCS entrusted to act during difficult times, particularly at the time of a member or family of a member dies
  • Hold a fund raising event to formally introduce HCS to the community at large including adopting families
  • Look for funding in the form of contributions and grants so as to insure the success of HCS in fulfilling its promises